Ravens look at Dez Bryant, not Antonio Brown

Multiple Ravens players have lobbied for the team to take a look at receiver Antonio Brown. Instead, the Ravens will be taking a look at receiver Dez Bryant.

No one has shown any interest in Brown since the league issued an eight-game suspension for a pair of off-field incidents. One impediment could be the unresolved civil lawsuit accusing Brown of sexual assault and rape. The league’s investigation has to date been inconclusive, but the case hasn’t been closed.

If the litigation results in a finding that Brown did what he is accused of doing, the league could impose further punishment. Moreover, signing Brown would become even more of a P.R. problem.

It could be that the teams will wait, not just for the suspension to be served but for the litigation to be resolved.

Bryant last played in 2017. He joined the Saints during the 2018 season, tearing an Achilles tendon in his first practice with the team.