‘Guardian Angels’ Help A Total Stranger Transport Her New Grill

A couple in Ogdensburg, NY, noticed a stranger was struggling to fit a new grill into her vehicle and offered to transport it home for her in their truck. John and Avis Thompson saw a woman in front of them in a pick-up line who couldn’t fit her new grill in her car. No matter […]


Artie Burns getting tests on left knee

Cornerback Artie Burns‘ bid to earn playing time in the Bears’ secondary could be hampered by a left knee injury. Burns had to leave practice early on Tuesday after getting hurt. Head coach Matt Nagy said after the session that Burns is having tests done on the knee and that the team will know more […]


The (neuro)science of getting and staying motivated

There is no question that motivation is one of the hardest and yet important factors in life. It’s the difference between success and failure, goal-setting and aimlessness, well-being and unhappiness. And yet, why is it so hard to get motivated? Or even if we do, to keep it up? That is the question that scientists […]


Robinhood valuation surges to $11.2 billion after latest funding round

Robinhood Markets Inc, the fintech startup credited with helping popularize trading among millennials, said on Monday it has raised $200 million from investment firm D1 Capital Partners at a valuation of $11.2 billion. Robinhood is one of the hottest fintech startups in Silicon Valley, having consistently raised large sums at higher valuations from several marquee […]


Google dodges lawsuit over Genius lyric scraping

On Tuesday, Google beat back a lawsuit over alleged scraping of song lyrics from Genius, a lyrics and commentary site. A federal judge in the Eastern District of New York found that while the claims of scraping were credible, the scraping did not constitute a copyright violation, and the lawsuit was dismissed as a result. […]


Video Game Industry Is Nudging 250 Million Gamers To Protect The Planet

Some of the world’s largest mobile video game developers have formed an alliance to raise awareness about renewable energy and the climate crisis through the UN’s “Playing For the Planet” initiative. Consisting of around 11 companies, including the console producers Sony and Microsoft, and 25 design studios with mobile games played by 900 million active […]


Tom Flores named coach finalist for Pro Football Hall of Fame

Tom Flores now has a path to the Hall of Fame. The former Raiders and Seahawks head coach was chosen as the coach finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2021. To be inducted, he simply needs 80 percent of a yes/no vote by the 48-member selection committee, which will be held […]


Breast cancer ‘ecosystem’ reveals possible new targets for treatment

Researchers from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research have uncovered four new subtypes of cells within triple negative breast cancer, which contain promising new therapeutic targets for the aggressive disease. Using cellular genomics, the team revealed one of the new cell types produces molecules that suppress immune cells, which may help cancer cells evade the […]


Xiaomi’s see-through OLED TV is a transparent attempt at attention, and it’s working

The best TVs provide a picture that’s so good, it’s like looking through a window into another world. But — and stay with me — what if your next TV was like a window into, well, whatever’s behind your TV? That’s what Xiaomi’s new $7,000 transparent OLED TV promises. The Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent […]