Most Americans With Cats Say They Couldn’t Have Gotten Through Lockdown Without Their Feline Friend

Three-quarters of Americans with cats couldn’t have gotten through the quarantine without their pet, according to a new survey. The poll of 2,000 cat owners (57% of whom also have a dog) looked at the various benefits provided by our furry friends during the pandemic, and how they helped us through. Pets were found to […]


Ravens look at Dez Bryant, not Antonio Brown

Multiple Ravens players have lobbied for the team to take a look at receiver Antonio Brown. Instead, the Ravens will be taking a look at receiver Dez Bryant. No one has shown any interest in Brown since the league issued an eight-game suspension for a pair of off-field incidents. One impediment could be the unresolved […]


Angela Saini: ‘An understanding of history reminds us race is a social construct’

Alvin Weinberg was director of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, established during the second world war to provide nuclear material for the Manhattan Project to develop the first atomic bomb. In his 1967 book Reflections On Big Science he warned of the growing danger of specialisation in science, sending researchers into ever narrower fields of […]


Apple expands independent repair shop program to Mac computers

Apple Inc said on Monday it had expanded a program that provides parts and training to independent repair shops to cover its Mac computers. Apple initially launched the program last year, but it only covered iPhones, the company’s biggest-selling product. Mac users previously either had to use Apple or an authorized warranty service provider to […]


TikTok collected device identifiers for over a year in violation of Android policies

TikTok’s Android app collected users’ MAC addresses for 18 months in violation of the platform rules, as discovered by a Wall Street Journal investigation on Tuesday. The addresses would have served as a unique identifier for each user’s device, making them valuable for both advertising and potentially more invasive forms of tracking. By 2015, both […]


Police Officer Pulls Man From Wheelchair Stuck On Tracks Within Seconds Of Speeding Train – WATCH

In California last week, a local police officer became a hero when she pulled a man stuck in his wheelchair from the tracks within seconds of a train barreling past. Her body camera footage shows the tense moments leading up to the rescue. On the morning of August 8th, at around 8:44am, Officer Erika Urrea […]